Conditions of sale for our gallery

All works listed in the catalogues are for sale. Prices are in Euro and include VAT. The sale price is to be paid immediatelly. In principle, reservations are possible, but for no longer than three working days. Firm orders always have priority. Liability and costs for shipping lie with the customer. Ownership reservation according to § 449 BGB.
The catalogue descriptions are given according to best knowlegde and conscience, but are not guarantees under law. The state of the individual sheets unless otherwise marked, is good. The measurements relate to the size of the sheets, or rather the size of the edge from drawings respectively to the size of the plate from graphic works. The height is given before width. The sheets lie under passepartout. Heidelberg is the site of completion and jurisdiction.

For further questions please contact us by email or phone: ++49 6221 915990.

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