of your works of art

Make use of our offer to estimate your works of art!

To get an impression of the objects, it is possible to send us images of the objects. Please note, that a written estimation can only be given after we have seen the original work of art. In special circumstances, your objects or extensive collections can be estimated locally from our experts.

Just fix an appointment:
Rembrandt, Selbstbildnis
Rembrandt, self-portrait
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Conditions of estimation:
As a fee for the estimation, the owner has to pay:
up to an estimation of 2.500,- Euros 5%, minimum 40,- Euros each piece and from 2.501,- Euros up to 15.500,- Euros 3%, minimum 150,- Euros each piece - each plus VAT. The fee for objects above 15.500,- Euros has to be negotiated, minimum 600,- Euros plus VAT.

The fee for estimation will be canceled or refunded in case of an consignment to our auction within six months after the estimation.


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